Am I the Person for the Job?

Karen Money Williams

When I eagerly came forth into physical expression, I had a basic mission: to have a good time. It wasn't necessarily in the sense of hedonistic pleasure but in the sense of experiencing life in all its variety as something of a catalog.

I would continually be noticing what I liked and wanted and thus automatically ordering those things and circumstances from a benevolent Universe that responds to my every thought. Then I would happily anticipate what I liked and wanted until they showed up. It would be major fun.

What could go wrong?

Well... I forgot that my primary mission, my job was to focus in ways that caused me to feel good.

Some long-suffering person told me my job was to please and serve others, no matter what the price.

Some stoic soul told me my job was to please and serve God at all costs.

Yet another well-intentioned sourpuss explained that I was to carve out achievements and accomplishments, and the more effort and struggle I gave it, the more I would succeed.

I took much of that in and got off track. I shirked my duty of enjoying life, and that's when things started to go haywire.

Now I'm getting back to basics. Now I'm returning to my primary "work." And now I'm starting to thrive.

This is from Karen's future e-book, Soulsongs Volume 5: Exploring the Law of Attraction.

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